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Do I have visit the dentist to purchase F.O.S.?
Why does a dentist have to fit my F.O.S.?
My dentist isn’t a F.O.S. provider, can he still help me?
What material is the F.O.S. is made from?
How many teeth will the F.O.S. cover?
How long does it take for the F.O.S. to work?
How long does the F.O.S. last?
How often should I use my F.O.S.?
I’m about to use my F.O.S. for the first time, what should it feel like?
My teeth feel funny in the morning after wearing the F.O.S., is this normal?
How do I store my F.O.S.?
How do I clean my F.O.S.?
I have been using my F.O.S. but am still in pain / experiencing new pain, what should I do?
I can move my F.O.S. with my teeth / lips - is this normal?
Does the F.O.S. carry the CE mark?
Does the F.O.S. come with a dental warranty?