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F.O.S. solution

The F.O.S. device (Flexi Orthotic System) is a removable mouth piece that is worn over the teeth during sleep and is designed to prevent headaches, migraines and associated head and neck pain caused by teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism). It comprises of a choice of either an upper or lower night guard made of medical grade polyester copolymer. It is worn over the front teeth only.

pencil test

How does the F.O.S. solution work?

In principle, it’s simple. A device on the front teeth acts as a protective barrier and will limit the strength of the jaw, allowing muscles in spasm to relax. You can prove this for yourself.

Take the pencil test!

Place a pencil between your teeth at the side of your mouth. Bite down firmly, and at the same time feel the muscles in the temple area contract. Repeat the process with the pencil between your front teeth. It is no longer possible to bite down as hard! In a similar way, the F.O.S. solution prevents you biting hard at night!

pencil test

Could I benefit from the F.O.S. Solution?

Take our bruxism self-assessment test
  • Have you had wear, damage or fractures to teeth, fillings or crowns?
  • Do your teeth touch or make contact when not chewing?
  • Do you get headaches or jaw pain regularly?
  • Are your temples or jaw muscles tender when pressed?
  • Has anyone heard you grind your teeth during sleep?
  • Do you experience occasional discomfort when chewing?
  • Do you have a clicking jaw?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, bruxism may well be causing significant problems. Speak to your dentist or find a F.O.S. solution provider today.