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I have always been aware that I grind my teeth at night, as it's a habit I've had since childhood and has been pointed out to me several times. I just didn't make the link between my teeth grinding, and my migraines. During stressful periods I would suffer from frequent headaches and migraines that left me having time off work. I went to the GP for answers, and to the opticians to see if my sight was causing them. After hearing about the F.O.S. through solvemyheadache.com, I went to the dentist and got fitted with one locally. It was quick to fit, and my headaches disappeared virtually overnight. My dentist even coloured in the surface of my F.O.S. so that I could see where I was grinding, which really made me realise how much force I had been applying to my teeth. The F.O.S. is small, comfortable, and easy to clean. I would recommend that anyone suffering from migraines visits their dentist to see if that could be the problem!

David Winkler, GDP and migraine sufferer!

I have been using the F.O.S. anterior occlusal guard in my practice for over 2 years. A fantastic device for treating the effects of bruxism and clenching, it is very easy to adjust chairside and thanks to its novel material, linings and additions can be bonded directly to it reducing staining and debonding of the interior lining. My patients love it and it’s provided them with a long term solution to a serious life inhibiting problem! Highly recommend to any of my colleagues.

Dr. Alexandra Luciani, Domat/Ems (GR)

The wearing comfort of the FOS splints is much more comfortable compared to a splint that goes over the entire dental arch. FOS is also a lot cheaper for my patients. My experience has shown that FOS splints worked much more reliably on pressing patients than splints over the entire dental arch.

Mr. M

I previously had so many problems and for so many years. Who goes to the dentist because they have neck pain and headaches? Why is something so simple unknown to the medical profession? Thank you!

Mrs. T

When I woke up every day with a headache, I went to my doctor, then to a neurologist, then for an MRI, then to a physiotherapist. After eight months the result was prescriptions for pain medication. With your help, all of my pain was gone within a week!


Since I've been wearing the F.O.S. splint every night, my tension headaches have decreased dramatically. After a few nights of getting used to it, the small splint has become a familiar sleep buddy and does not bother me in any way. The fact that the splint could be made in one appointment at the dentist . I am extremely glad that after all these years I have got rid of my never-ending headaches!


After a serious car accident, I found that every time I was behind the wheel for a long journey I was grinding my teeth from stress and the anxiety of driving. It got so bad that I was giving myself a headache. After trying the F.O.S. splint for the first time in the car I found it worked immediately. The pressure was taken off of my back teeth therefore stopping the headaches before they started. As I was also aware it was there, I found it also stopped me from grinding my teeth as much. It's so easy and comfortable to wear, I'd never go back to not having one!


I had no idea I was grinding my teeth at night, but I would regularly wake up in the morning with hideous migraines and a sore jaw… not to mention the feeling of being beaten up. It was only when I went to the dentist for a check-up that he commented on a couple of chipped teeth and diagnosed bruxism. He suggested I wear a mouth guard at night. The F.O.S. device is surprisingly small and comfortable - I just pop it in before I go to sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed.