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    Facts about migraines

    Facts about migraines

    Migraine is an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease, affecting 39 million men, women and children in the U.S. and 1 billion worldwide. Everyone either knows someone who suffers from migraine, or struggles with migraine themselves.

    • Migraine is the 6th most disabling condition in the world
    • 190,000 migraines occur every day in the UK
    • 1 billion people worldwide get migraines
    • 4-72 hours is the length of most migraine attacks
    • 15 or more days of migraines are called ‘chronic migraines’
    • Over 4 million people worldwide get chronic migraines
    • About 90% of people with migraines have a family history of the condition

    How can migraines be treated?

    Sadly, there is no precise cure for migraines. However, there is a range of treatments available that may help lessen your symptoms and help you control your migraine attacks.

    You may need to try several different medications or a mixture of some before you find the right treatment for you. And if over-the-counter (OTC) medication doesn’t work, your doctor may need to prescribe something stronger for you.

    Consider also if a visit to the dentist might do the trick. Migraines can often be caused by the night-time clenching or grinding of teeth – something you may not even be aware of doing. A simple splint worn at night, such as the F.O.S. device could be the answer.